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The Only Way You're Gonna Hear New Radiohead Music This Year is to See Them Play Live


By: Spacelab Research Staff
And for most of the US, that also means you're gonna have to take a road trip. Radiohead have announced a small set of dates for this summer, that will focus on the NE and SE coasts. Anyone inbetween will just have to suffer! You know it just makes you want to hear the music even more.

The band is going to go on a scaled down, low lighting, smaller venue tour so that they can create "a suitably intimate environment for the first ever airings of several new songs." Maybe so, but when you're flying solo without a record label, a tour comes at a steep price. Thus the 'intimacy.'

According to press release for the tour "there are no plans for a Radiohead album release any time in 2006," so that means outside of bootlegs and YouTube, your only way to hear the new material is to make it to a show. Sell your soul to buy passage to one of these locations:

Radiohead: US Tour Dates
06-01 - Philadelphia - Tower Theatre
06-02 - Philadelphia - Tower Theatre
06-04 - Boston - Bank of America Pavilion
06-05 - Boston - Bank of America Pavilion
06-07 - Toronto - Hummingbird Center
06-08 - Toronto - Hummingbird Center
06-10 - Montreal - Salle Wilred Pelletier at Places des Arts
06-11 - Montreal - Salle Wilred Pelletier at Places des Arts
06-13 - New York - The Theatre at Madison Square Garden
06-14 - New York - The Theatre at Madison Square Garden
06-17 - BONNAROO
06-19 - Chicago - Auditorium Theatre
06-20 - Chicago - Auditorium Theatre
06-23 - Berkeley - Greek Theater
06-24 - Berkeley - Greek Theater
06-26 - San Diego - Bayside
06-27 - San Diego - Bayside
06-29 - Los Angeles - Greek Theater
06-30 - Los Angeles - Greek Theater

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