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The Rise and Fall and Rise of Napster


By: Spacelab Research Staff
The name you know, the story you can't shake. Napster has once again gone to new measures to keep on keepin' on in the new millenium. They've announced a new streaming service that will let you listen to music, for free, through their web site.

"It's the first time we've gotten back to the original Napster roots," said Laura Goldberg, Napster's COO.

In this reality there's no free lunch, and a table full of MP3 goodness is no exception. Napster will pay for all of this music through advertising, allowing the user to listen to a song up to 5 times before buying the track as a download for 99 cents (thank you Apple) or buy into one of Napster's subscription services. Some of the money made from advertising will go to compensating artists and labels for the free listens.

There's also a Narchive (get it?) which appears to be Napster's attempt to feed on the success of Wikipedia and MySpace, by combining them both, under the Napster umbrella. Sigh. Just when I thought Napster was going to get all innovative again, they just reproduce what's around them. It's worth a look though, it's completely free to try. You can look up bios, tour dates, photos and stuff. It'll probably take a while for them to build a full-on database of information, as that part of the site is in beta right now.

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