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Matthew Friedberger

Matthew Friedberger From Fiery Furnaces Announces New Solo Album Details


By: Spacelab Research Staff
The machine that is Matthew and Elanor from the Fiery Furnaces refuses to slow down. Matthew Friedberger has announced the details for a solo double album titled Winter Women / Holy Ghost Language School. The tracks were actually started three years ago, and will see the light of day on August 8th. He'll be releasing it on the new 859 Recordings, a label started by Keith Wood who used to work at Rough Trade Records. The album was co-produced by Bill Kibble, who also worked on the Fiery Furnaces album
Bitter Tea.

Holy Ghost Language School is more complex and experimental, and is compared to the music of Brian Eno or Faust. He told Pitchfork in an interview that the album "...is a story record, a guy from Chicago goes and starts a business school for English in Japan that operates by xenolalia, you know, to do the business transactions. So they get the Holy Ghost and start speaking in tongues to negotiate."

Winter Women is intended to be summer music, with a lot of summer-like pop songs (too bad they're waiting for the end of summer to release it). Matthew played pretty much everything on the album, with a little help from John McEntire (Tortoise) on the drums. So between the two albums, you've got the whole gamut of music: pop to experimentation. Full spectrum!

In the meantime, Matthew is busy touring Europe with the Fiery Furnaces in support of their new release, Bitter Tea. They'll be hitting the All Tommorow's Parties Festival on May 20th, the Sleater-Kinney-curated day of the festival. And now, witness the power of the track list:

Winter Women Track List:
01 Under the Hood at the Paradise Garage
02 The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Co. Resignation Letter
03 Up the River
04 Ruth Versus Richard
05 Her Chinese Typewriter
06 Big Bill Crib & His Ladies of the Desert
07 Don't You Remember?
08 Betcha Don't
09 PS.213 Mini School
10 Theme From Never Going Home Again
11 Motorman
12 Quick as Cupid
13 I Love You Cedric
14 Servant in Distress
15 Hialeah
16 Wisconsin River Blues

Holy Ghost Language School Track List:
01 Seventh Loop Highway
02 Holy Ghost Language School
03 The Cross and the Switchblade
04 I Started Drinking Alcohol at the Age of Eleven
05 Do You Like Blondes?
06 Azusa St.
07 Topeka and San Antonio
08 A Mystical Preparative to Lewdness
09 Ship Scrap Beach Business
10 First Day of School
11 Things Were Going So Well
12 All in Vain or the Opposite
13 Moral and Epilouge

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