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Zero 7

Zero 7 Set to Release The Garden


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Zero 7 are set to return on June 6th with their new release, The Garden, featuring appearances by Sia Furler and Jose Gonzales on a number of tracks. The album was produced by band members Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker, with Phil Brown (Brian Eno, Talk Talk) handling the mixing. The album will be released by Atlantic Records on June 6th.

The music is a cross-pollination of electronic and folk influences, sometimes sounding like Crosby Stills and Nash with an experimental electronic massage. The effect can be startling, as the band brings it all together with with a connectedness and continuity that makes all of the sounds seem like they were always supposed to fit together.

Think late 60's folk meets late 70's Xanadu influence on this album - I know that sounds like a really cheesy combination, but they do it really well. It sounds more like Air doing covers of their favorites from the 60's and 70's than a rainbow-roller skates party with Olivia Newton-John.

The boys went off to the country to write and record this one, in the solitary confinement they needed to get back to the roots of their sound. They'll be adding more people for a tour later this year.

The album also includes a reworking of Jose Gonzales' Crosses, from his recently rereleased album Veneer.

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Zero 7: The Garden Track List:
01 Futures (feat. José González)
02 Throw It All Away (feat. Sia Furler)
03 Seeing Things
04 The Pageant of the Bizarre (feat. Sia Furler)
05 You're My Flame (feat. Sia Furler)
06 Left Behind (feat. José González)
07 Today (feat. José González)
08 This Fine Social Scene (feat. Sia Furler)
09 Your Place
10 If I Can't Have You (feat. Sia Furler)
11 Crosses (feat. José González)
12 Waiting To Die (feat. Sia Furler)