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Come Bite The Apple

Creative Sues Apple over iPod Menus, Apple Counter-Sues Creative


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Everbody wants a bite of the Apple. Creative Technologies, makers of MP3 and media players like the Nomad, Zen, and Muvo, have announced that they own the patent on the types of menu / navigation systems used by Apple on their Ipod, and they want Apple to pay up for using their technology.

Creative says that they filed for the patent in the beginning of 2001, and were finally awarded the patent in August of 2005. Apple and Creative reportedly had 'talks' over how to resolve the issue but never made any agreement. Apparently they haven't ever seen the Soprano's and don't understand the terms 'sit down' and 'make nice,' as the whole thing sort of coasted along unresolved. Until now.

Creative has officially filed patent complaints in a US court and will seek payment from Apple.

But in a new media style throw-down, Apple has countersued, saying that Creative has also infringed on four patents that Apple owns. Creative seems a bit shell-shocked over the claim, as they say that Apple has never mentioned the issues before.

"Creative proactively held discussions with Apple in our efforts to explore amicable solutions. At no time during these discussions or at any other time did Apple mention to us the patents it raised in its lawsuit," said Phil O'Shaughnessy, a spokesman for Creative.

Creative has long been a distent # 2 to Apple in the MP3 player game, and is struggling to make money, an obvious motivator in this action. They make really good MP3 players but obviously lack the cool factor that Apple has cornered the market on. This will be an interesting battle to watch as Creative needs to prove that Apple has really used Creative's patented methods.

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