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Domino Records to Reissue Manitoba Albums Under the Name Caribou


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Dan Snaith seems like a reasonable guy. After creating experimental electronic music under the name Manitoba, he was served legal notice by Dick Manitoba's private investigator thug to change names or see him in court. Although Dan thinks he could have won, he decided to take the path of least resistance and change the name of the project to Caribou.

And it helped. Not that anyone needed encouragement to listen to the music, it stands on its own. But the music press talked endlessly about the name change, Dick Manitoba didn't see a cent (hard to feel sorry for you, guy), and Caribou kept getting bigger and bigger.

And now, to go full circle, Domino Records will be releasing the first two Manitoba albums, Start Breaking My Heart and Up In Flames, under the new Caribou name. The albums will be released on June 20th. They'll come with a variety of extras, like b-sides, remixes, and videos to go along with the reissues. And Dick Manitoba will go to the penalty box, and he'll feel shame.

As for now, Dan Snaith has returned to the studio to work on the next Caribou album.

  MP3: Caribou

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Caribou: Start Breaking My Heart Track List:

Disc one:
01 Dundas, Ontario
02 People Eating Fruit
03 Mammals Vs. Reptiles
04 Brandon
05 Children Play Well Together
06 Lemon Yoghourt
07 James' Second Haircut
08 Schedules And Fares
09 Paul's Birthday
10 Happy Ending

Disc two:
01 Victor And Carolyn
02 218 Beverly
03 Evan Likes Driving
04 Anna & Nina
05 Dundas, Ontario" (remix)
06 Tits & Ass — The Great Canadian Weekend
07 Webers
08 If Assholes Could Fly, This Place Would Be An Airport
09 Air Doom
10 Ach Who
11 Dundas, Ontario" (video)


Caribou: Up In Flames Track List:

Disc one:
01 I've Lived On A Dirt Road All My Life
02 Skunks
03 Hendrix With KO
04 Jacknuggeted
05 Why The Long Face
06 Bijoux
07 Twins
08 Kid You'll Move Mountains
09 Crayon
10 Every Time She Turns Round It's Her Birthday

Disc two:
01 Cherrybomb
02 Silver Splinters
03 Ole
04 Thistles And Felt
05 Seaweed
06 Cherrybomb Part II
07 Jacknuggeted (video)
08 Skunks (video)