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It's a Radiohead Summer


By: Spacelab Research Staff
The next six weeks are like, all Radioheaded. The band recently started its US tour, with stops on the east and west coasts, plus a headlining spot at the Bonnaroo Festival.

Radiohead is probaly the most dangerous band in the world right now, with a lot of momentum, no major label tie downs, a Thom Yorke solo album on the way, and the band is completely in control of it's own future. They can do whatever they want, as fast or as slow as they want to.

The band is going on a small venue tour so that they can create "a suitably intimate environment for the first ever airings of several new songs." The band has no plans to release any material under the Radiohead name this year, instead choosing to road test some of their new material, and have some fun.

There is however a Thom Yorke solo album titled The Eraser due out in early July. It's a largely anticipated release, and there have already been reports of copies showing up on the Interweb. The album came about when Thom grew frustrated in some Radiohead downtime and just started cutting up sound loops on his laptop computer. Working with Radiohead producer Nigel Goodrich, he ransformed it into a full album. It will be released on XL Recordings.

Radiohead: US Tour Dates
06-05 - Boston - Bank of America Pavilion
06-07 - Toronto - Hummingbird Center
06-08 - Toronto - Hummingbird Center
06-10 - Montreal - Salle Wilred Pelletier at Places des Arts
06-11 - Montreal - Salle Wilred Pelletier at Places des Arts
06-13 - New York - The Theatre at Madison Square Garden
06-14 - New York - The Theatre at Madison Square Garden
06-17 - Manchester, Tennessee - Bonnaroo Festival
06-19 - Chicago - Auditorium Theatre
06-20 - Chicago - Auditorium Theatre
06-23 - Berkeley - Greek Theater
06-24 - Berkeley - Greek Theater
06-26 - San Diego - Bayside
06-27 - San Diego - Bayside
06-29 - Los Angeles - Greek Theater
06-30 - Los Angeles - Greek Theater

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