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The Curtains

The Curtains to Release New Album on Asthmatic Kitty Records


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Recently departed Deerhoof member Chris Cohen has moved on permanently to The Curtains. The band was actually his original band, which sat on the back burner while Deerhoof rose to fame and power in the indie world.

But not anymore, we find, as Chris has decided to go full force with The Curtains. He recently posted a message on the Deerhoof MySpace page, saying "I really want to go full-time with my other band, The Curtains." I guess that explains it. Not much gray area there.

And our boy Chris is a go getter, so he isolated himself in a California mountain cabin and recorded a bunch of music in which he played all of the instruments and sang on all of the songs. Somebody's been studying up on their Prince history.

He emerged from the cabin with what turned out to be a pop record of 13 songs, which will be packaged as the 4th Curtains album. 13 + 4 = pop music. It also equals an album with no name, at least as of right now.

He brought in a few guests, including Nedelle Torrisi and Yasi Perera on vocals, and John Ringhofer (Half-handed Cloud). Permanent members of the band besides Chris include Nedelle Torrisi, Annie Lewandowski, and Corey Fogel.

The Curtains will tour the US in August but no dates have been announced yet.

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