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The Curtains

Microsoft Wants an iPod of Its Very Own


By: Spacelab Research Staff
In a tale of iPod envy, there have been reports of Microsoft developing a new media player device as their long talked about rival to the iPod. We've heard lots of talk and seen little action, but that might be changing. Microsoft has soft launched a media campaign to put the word out about the new device.

Citing the now global favorite anonymous connection known as 'sources,' Reuters has said that Microsoft has been seeing that device through to completion and may be releasing it soon. Everybody is so definite in their remarks!

A month ago, Microsoft co- launched the URGE music service as part of the new Windows Media Player. It's a joint project with MTV, and together they hope to create a viable service that will let people experience music and video. It's the age old Microsoft formula, don't develop new technology or a sense of cool, just buy it outright. MTV has the cool factor that one could never imagine Microsoft having, and together they'll have enough global impact to make a serious impression.

Robbie Bach of the Microsoft Entertainment and Devices division is said to be overseeing the project. Microsoft has long envied the spot that Apple has launched themselves into with the wild runaway success of the iPod, and now they may be able to try to compete. Microsoft has also reportedly been in licensing talks with the music industry.

So URGE will compete with iTunes and the device that dare not speak its name (yet) will compete with the iPod. How will it turn out? Microsoft is going for the overall experience and accesibility angle, like buying a subscription ticket to get in the door and then letting the user consume all of the content they want. There's a difference there, as iTunes is a one-stop shop for individual items, but doesn't really work as always on channel to watch and listen to stuff, and that's supposedly where Microsoft is heading...

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