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Thunderbirds Are Now!

Thunderbirds Are Now! Work With Chris Zane, Push Out Release Date of New Album


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Thunderbirds Are Now! are hoping to make history with their new album, Make History. The band worked with John Schmersal (Enon, Brainiac) to produce the album, and is hoping for big things with the new release. The news from their label Frenchkiss Records is that the band has finished work in the studio on the new album and had been planning on releasing it in mid-Sptember.

But now the band has asked the label for just a little bit more time to do some more work — this time enlisting the help of Chris Zane to work on the mixes. He's worked with Les Saavy Fav, Calla, and Supersystem to bring their music to life and is hoping to do the same with Thunderbirds Are Now! on Make History. They've pushed out the release from its expected September release to October.

Thunderbirds Are Now: Make History Track List
01 Panthers in Crime
02 The Veil Comes Down
03 We Win (Ha Ha)
04 Shit Gold
05 Open Us Up
06 Why We War
07 Sound Issues/Smart Ideas
08 Sleeping in the Lion's Mouth
09 Shake Them Awake
11 (The Making of...) Make History

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