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Cale Parks Never Sleeps
   Photo by Michelle Harris

Aloha's Cale Parks To Release Solo Material on Polyvinyl Records in September


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Cale Parks is one busy guy. When he's not busy with his band Aloha, he also plays as a touring member of CEX, Joan of Arc, Love Everything, and Georgie James. And when he's not doing that, he records his own material.

And now that material will see the light of day through Polyvinyl Records with the album title of Illuminated Manuscript. It's getting both a US and Japanese release, but the US release will feature some newer songs that were left off of the Japanes version. You can get your hands on the tracks on June 25th in Japan and September 26th in the US. For now, you'll have to settle for the MP3 (see below).

There might even be tour dates for this album, but he's booked with all of his other bands from now until September, so it might be a while...


 MP3: Cale Parks

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Cale Parks: Illuminated Manuscript Track List

US Track Listing
1. Pretty Boring
2. Galaxy 8180*
3. Tiny Theme*
4. Halls of Avalon*
5. I Am the Arm
6. Late Show
7. Wet Paint
8. Me At Home
9. This Garden Is a Maze
10. Fearsome Opponent
11. Moccasin Bend*
12. Beat Masheen

*New tracks for US release


Japanese Track Listing
1. Pretty Boring 
2. Miss My Little Wizard Copilot 
3. Halls of Avalon 
4. I am the Arm 
5. Late Show 
6. All Lips + Stars 
7. Wet Paint 
8. Two Flats 
9. This Garden Is a Maze 
10. Fearsome Opponent 
11. Girls Counting 
12. Moonsnits Always Fit 
13. Beat Masheen