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Mae Shi Look For A New Lead Singer / Ezra Goes Full Time With Gowns


By: Spacelab Research Staff
It's a story as old as music itself... I love you, but I'm not in love with you. With that in mind, Ezra Buchla has left the Mae Shi to move onto his other band, called Gowns. The split is reportedly OK on all fronts... it was just time to move on.

So Ezra has joined up with former Mae Shi drummer Corey Fogel and that girl from Myrobobedroom to work on Gowns, who have completely sold out their inventory at their home of Folktale Records. Their music is a moody experimental kind of thing, synth-based (of course) and brooding. Ezra has also moved to Berkley to join the family business, Buchla and Associates, makers of superfine synth products.

But it does leave the Mae Shi in need of a new singer. The band is offering tracks of new material for download via their web site, and encouraging people to write lyrics and try out for the band. At this point they're saying they don't want to replace Ezra, they want to take advantage of the opportunity to add a new influence to the band.


 MP3: Gowns

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