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These Arms Are Snakes

These Arms Are Snakes Become Their Own Band


By: Spacelab Research Staff
After a lot of hard work, a lot of touring, and a lot of introductions that were couched with what bands the members used to be in, These Arms Are Snakes have firmly put their feet on the ground as themselves.

They've spent the past two years on the road with bands like the Blood Brothers, Minus The Bear, and Isis, and have played in front of a lot of people. And a lot of people have written a lot of words about them. They've also released two EP 's and a full length album on Jade Tree Records.

So as their new day arrives, they're set to release a new album titled Easter, but it's no Spring picnic. By all accounts, Easter will lay down 12 tracks of hard-edged, post-hardcore, math influenced music that shows the band growing into new heights of songwriting and experimentation.

Drummer Chris Common did the recording at Seattle's own Red Room, and he and the band worked to bring out some seriously dark elements and put them in the music. Did it work? Listen to the MP3 and find out!

The album comes out on October 10th. Tour dates are minimal right now but that will probably change as we get closer to the release date.

Oh yeah, and the band was formed by the former members of Kill Sadie and Both! Ha! There's no escaping your roots...

 MP3: These Arms Are Snakes

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These Arms Are Snakes: Easter Track List
01 Mescaline Eyes
02 Horse Girl
03 Subtle Body
04 Desert Ghost
05 Child Chicken Play
06 Hell’s Bank Notes
07 Abracadabraca
08 Deer Lodge
09 Lady North
10 Perpetual Bris
11 Coporeal
12 Crazy Woman Dirty Train

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