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Apple Wants To Give You It's New iPod and vPod... Really It Does


By: Spacelab Research Staff
And for those who are wondering, the v in vPod is for video.

There has been an announcement, and it's not even from Apple. Everybody is literally freaking out because Wall Street analyst guy Shaw Wu has said that Apple may delay the release of its new iPod nano from September until just before Christmas. It's delayed because of trouble getting specific parts from a manufacturer... but without trying to be cynical, that does land it just in time for the holidays. Maybe just in time to create a big excitement level.

And the vPod, the glorious new video form of the iPod that's rumored to have a bigger screen to geek out on, might not come out until later in 2007. There's talk of battery problems... video is a big drain on the ol' power cell. So Apple is hoping to optimize the battery life to better levels and release it later rather than sooner.

All of this also means that the big idea of the iPod / vPod including wireless headphones might be pushed out as well, as Apple is forced to focus on acquiring parts and working on the battery life thing.


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Spacelab Research Staff

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