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Jeff Buckley

New Movie To Be About Jeff Buckley's Life


By: Spacelab Research Staff
A new film about singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley has currently begun. The singer-songwriter who brought us one album of great great music with 1994's Grace, died mysteriously in 1997 in a drowning accident in Memphis. The biopic film will be written and directed by Brian Jun (Steel City).

The script will be finished this fall, and as of yet, there are no production plans scheduled.

His mother, Mary Guibert, is said to become involved as a Producer after she feared that the film would be made without her involvement, and will work alongside Michelle Sy (Finding Neverland) as a Producer.

"Over the years, the number of offers were unceasing, and I had resisted for so many reasons, one being that Hollywood, traditionally, did a lousy job of realistically portraying the life of people like Jeff," Mary said to Billboard.


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