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Air: From Nowhere to Everywhere in 2006


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Air... the band of lofty surreal sounds, ambitious soundtracks, and now, solo albums. For a band who really stayed outside the public loop in 2005, 2006 and 2007 should be a beehive of activity for the band. There's a new Air album in the works, a solo album for JB Dunckel, and a song on an upcoming Sophia Coppola movie soundtrack. So many projects to describe, such little time...

First, keyboardist JB Dunckel, has announced plans to release an album of solo material on September 19th on Astralwerks. He says he's been working on the tracks for about a year and a half, in his Paris flat. It will feature some piano work of his own, but he's invited other people to help out on the instruments he doesn't play so well. He's using the name Darkel as a title for the project, and currently running two of the songs from the album on his MySpace page.

Air has also been wrapping up work on a new full length album. JB Dunckel was quick to point out to Billboard that the band has been pushing new frontiers while not abandoning it's original sound. How's that for a diplomatic response?! He thinks that things get tired when they stay the same, saying "It's another direction, for sure. It's different, but it's Air. We like to change all the time. If we don't change our sound, we'll be dead."

The album will include some guest appearances, but they won't say who just yet, offering "There are some guests, but we're changing everything at the last minute, so it's too early to speak about that."

And finally, they may or not be contributing a song to Sophia Coppola's upcoming film Marie Antoinette. They seem to have a song in contention, but it's up in the air as to whether it will be on the soundtrack. The film comes out on October 20th.


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Darkel: Track List
01 Be My Friend
02 At the End of the Sky
03 TV Destroy
04 Some Men
05 My Own Sun
06 Pearl
07 Earth
08 Beautiful Woman
09 How Brave You Are
10 Bathroom Spirit

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