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Syd Barret

Shine On You Crazy Diamond: Syd Barrett Dies at 60


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Syd Barrett, the man who hit the city and lost his band, died on July 7th. Although it was announced officially as unknown causes, the most popular theories seem to include cancer or diabetes. He was 60 years old. He was a founder and lead singer of Pink Floyd, and he retained influence over the band long after they had excused him from being a member.

He'll be remembered most for his extreme moments, like playing the same note over and over again for half and hour at a time during live shows or locking his girlfriend in his bedroom for days during drug-induced madness. He shoved biscuits under the door so that she could eat but refused to let her out.

But maybe the most important thing that Syd Barrett taught the world was that as an artist, you're remembered and celebrated for going to the extreme, whether it's in your music or your personal life. This is the man that gave us albums like The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn and songs like Apples and Oranges. He put silly nonsensical lyrics into early Floyd songs and made them sound like they fit there. He was a rampant experimentalist to the end.


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