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Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros Play Free Shows, Release Saeglopur EP and DVD, Will Release Live DVD


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Sigur Ros continue to make this year one of many ambitions. They're playing a show in Reykjavik on July 30th and will be broadcasting it live via satellite to a London audience at the National Film Theatre on London's South Bank. They'll also include Icelandic buddies Amiina on the bill.

They've also announced a bunch of low-key, free shows that they'll be playing in the Icelandic countryside at the end of July. Sigur Ros is taking a hushed approach to the shows, not announcing the dates or locations directly, but preferring to announce them in a low-key manner. They'll be filming the shows for A future DVD release. They've only announced one so far, in Ásbyrgi on August 6th, but have promised to release more information at the Reykjavik show on July 30th.

Sigur Ros have also recently released a download version of the Saeglopur EP and DVD on iTunes, in preparation for the in-store release on August 8th, via the Los Angeles-based Worker’s Institute label. Worker's Institute also features other Icelandic bands for US releases, like Amiina, who's playing on the July 30th show with Sigur Ros. The release is a combination of previously unreleased songs and music videos.


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Sigur Ros: Saeglopur EP/DVD Track List:
Disc One – Audio:
01 Saeglopur
02 Refur
03 O Fridur
04 Kafari

Disc Two – Video / DVD:
01 Saeglopur
02 Glosoli
03 Hoppipolla


  Research Staff
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