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Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene To Take A Break After Fall Tour


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Broken Social Scene knows their limits. After a busy year and a half, the band and all of its members have decided in anti-industry fashion to stop working on new material allow the band to breathe, rather than push forward non-stop with new material.

Kevin Drew said that band members are busy with other projects, and all have been pretty relentless in their work. At the end of the day, the band doesn't seem to be carrying the magic it once had for the band members.

"We've become that band that doesn't really rehearse anymore. We just get together and go tour and play live. We've lost a bit of that thing we had at the beginning where we tried to challenge each other a lot more, " Kevin Drew said while speaking to Billboard before a recent New York performance.

Drew said that Broken Social Scene offshoots like Andrew Whiteman's Apostle Of Hustle, Dave Newfeld, and Feist are examples of deviations that are going on right now. Rather than force the Broken Social Scene issue, band members would rather continue on their own paths and come back to BSS when the time is right.

Drew is also pursuing a project of his own with Ohad Benchetrit and Charles Spearin, although he admits that it's in its early stages right now, and may have been approached with too much of BSS a outlook. He wants the others to work with it and see what directions they take the music.

"Right now, it's a pretty stereotypical recording that needs to get away from me. I might throw it out there to see if some people want to beat it up a bit."

Broken Social Scene will continue with their planned US tour this Fall before taking a break. The band is still finalizing dates and plans on releasing them soon.


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