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Bloc Party

Bloc Party Reveal Shortlist of Songs For New Album


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Bloc Party have revealed a list of songs for their upcoming album, due out sometime in 2007. The album is rumored to be called Urbanite Relaxation, but that may be a working title and might change before the album is actually released.

Lead singer Kele Okereke made an announcement while speaking to BlocParty.net, the band's unnofficial web site, revealing a list of songs that are being considered for the final cut.

"The recording of the album has just been completed, with Kele writing and re-writing lyrics right up to the point of recording them. Rather than working on all the songs that they'd written, Bloc Party decided to concentrate on the select few which they were particularly confident about," the posting said.

Bloc Party have been pretty insistent at this point that they've been moving in new directions, adding in elements of R'n'B, strings, samples and sound effects, among other things. The band seems destined to move away from its staccato sound of jangly 80's influences that were so prevalent on last year's Silent Alarm.

When talking to NME about the direction of the new album, lead singer Kele Okereke said "It's really, to me, very much an album about living in the city and I think a lot of the themes resonating on the record are pretty much about everyday living in the metropolis. So I guess the title's really gonna represent that for me."

The band has even been shooting video of the studio sessions to put together material for their web site. We'll get to see the kind of Bloc Party party they have in the studio to make their music.


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Bloc Party: Urbanite Relaxation Track List
A Prayer To The Lord
England (formerly 'Blue Moon')
Hunting For Witches (woop!)
It Started In An Afternoon
On (formerly 'Wet')
Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
Uniform (the album centrepiece?)
Waiting For The 7:18
We Were Lovers (formerly 'Cells Shaped Like Stars')
Where Is Home? (formerly 'Perfect Teens')

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