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Robert Pollard

Robert Pollard Will Give You Normal Happiness In October


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Robert Pollard will be releasing his second album of the year this Fall. It's titled Normal Happiness, and will be released by Merge Records on October 10th. It will feature material and ideas that were left over from his soundtrack to the Steven Soderbergh film Bubble.

He's working with Todd Tobias, who also produced From A Compound Eye for Pollard. "I spent two-and-a-half days in the studio doing my vocals and guitar and he spent two weeks finishing it," Pollard told Billboard in an interview. "It has gotten to the point where it's like, just do it, Todd, and I don't care what you do. I trust you entirely. I don't know how many projects I have done with him, maybe 10, but the success ratio is 100%."

Robert Pollard camped out for years in Guided by Voices, providing a very solid backbone to the indie rock (back then it was post punk, then alternative) scene as they rifled through endless albums of great music. Eventually, as all good bands do, Guided By Voices came to a close.

He'll hit the road this fall for some as of yet unconfirmed tour dates, bringing Tommy Keene, Jon Wurster, Dave Phillips, and Jason Narducy with him as his band.


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Robert Pollard: Normal Happiness Track List
01 Accidental Texas Who
02 Whispering Whip
03 Supernatural Car Lover
04 Boxing About
05 Serious Bird Woman (You Turn Me On)
06 Get a Faceful
07 Towers and Landslides
08 I Feel Gone Again
09 Gasoline Ragtime
10 Rhoda Rhoda
11 Give Up the Grape
12 Pegasus Glue Factory
13 Top of My Game
14 Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day
15 Join the Eagles
16 Full Sun (Dig the Slowness)

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