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Quantic Gets Global On An Announcement To Answer


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Will Holland, a.k.a. Quantic, and The Quantic Soul Orchestra, has released a new album under the Quantum Moniker. It's titled An Announcement To Answer, and it came out on July 5th.

It's got a lot of the Quantum quality you may have come to know in the past, with lush sound, exquisite songwriting, and maximum impression. There's found sound samples grafted in for good measure. Think of the global sound of Thievery Corporation, but with less reggae and more songwriting.

Will Holland wrote the songs while travelling around the globe, in places like Puerto Rico, Africa, and the west coast of the US. “The album explores my most recent music tastes and reflects the fact that my record digging has gone deeper and more obscure. I’ve been picking-up more and more African, Caribbean and jazz records and applying what I learn to my sound,” said Will when talking about the album.

It's his fourth album as Quantic, and is out now on Ubiquity.


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