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Your Black Star

SIGNED: Your Black Star Signs To Wonka Vision Records


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Your Black Star had to go travel the world to find a label that would release their album. Originally from Kentucky, they went out and toured the UK, Japan, and Australia before being found by the Philadelphia-based Wonka Vision Records.

"One of my editors sent me a copy of their old record and I was hooked”, said Justin Luczejko, the owner of Wonka Vision Records. “After seeing them live it was a no-brainer, I wanted to do this record immediately. Their sound was so loud, I was blown away when I found out they were a three piece and weren’t hiding a fourth member behind an amp backstage, ala some band from Chicago that will go nameless."

The band features dry guitar sounds soaked in reverb, but Your Black Star lays it over pop leanings while still retaining some of their indie roots. They sound like they grew up listening to the Cure.

The band will release Sound From the Ground on October 17th.

 MP3: Your Black Star


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