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Zune Digital Media Player To Come Preloaded with EMI Videos


By: Spacelab Research Staff
In the latest release of news on the Microsoft Zune digital media player, we've found that Microsoft has partnered with music giant EMI to offer pre-loaded videos on the Zune when customers buy the product.

"Apple has been an important partner in building the digital music market but any well-funded serious entrant has got to be good news for the artists and industry," said EMI Vice President Jeff Kempler when speaking to Reuters.

As this story has unfolded, we've found that the Zune not just one product, but probably three: an audio player, a video player, and a gaming console. All will be portable players.

Microsoft is taking a 'holistic' approach this time around -- offering the players, partnering with MTV to create URGE to buy content, and even going as far as to get two Microsoft employees to start blogs devoted to the subject (Cesar Menendez and Richard Winn) with the inside track.

All players will definitely be Wi-Fi enabled, so you can use it to connect at the coffee shop or any other hot spot you can find. Microsoft is still experimenting with options, but a Billboard interview with Microsoft's Chris Stephenson was pretty insistent that the basic theory is to make the experience "one part MySpace, one part iTunes and one part Xbox Live." They're looking at sharing content with other Zune players in the hot spot, connecting to online storage of your own media, and buying content online as options.

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