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Chris Walla

CHECK THIS: Death Cab's Chris Walla Tries Solo Gig + MP3


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Death Cab's man behind the curtain, Chris Walla, has announced intentions to release a solo album. He's going to the label that helped Death Cab For Cutie climb to the great heights they're at now, Barsuk Records. The album is due out in March 2007.

In an announcement from his web site, Chris said "Barsuk has agreed to release my as-yet-unrecorded album in March of 2007. I may end up with a band name after all. Please send ideas along if you have them; I'm undecided about the whole thing."

There's no talk of a Death Cab breakup yet, so far the solo project seems like it's just another project to keep things interesting and diverse for Chris. He's putting together a a band to take on tour, but he has yet to comment on who's involved at this point.

Chris Walla also said that he's nearing the end of the construction of his studio, called Alberta Court, saying that the electrical wiring is done and he'll now busy himself putting together the pieces.

He's also posted a cover of a song by Clinic called Distortions, recorded at the Alberta Court studio on an eight track. I can just picture Chris in the corner, operating an eight track recorder while electricians are coming and going behind him while working on the studio at large:

 MP3: Chris Walla

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