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Prophet Omega

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
Joe Magistro recently made the jump from being an in-demand drummer (Darlahood, Kate Pierson, Rich Robinson) in Brooklyn to becoming the musical vehicle now known as Prophet Omega. The Prophet has risen.

Constructing tight-hooks with a knowledge of soul and jazz, Prophet Omega creates the kind of neo-soul you'd expect to hear in some New York lounge with ashtrays and lamps on the tables. He channels it through modern sounds of today, like electronic music, found sounds, and funky beats.

"I'd always played in rock bands, so when I started working with things like loops and crazy found sounds, it was completely new, alien territory for me," he recalls. "I was really just doing it for my own amusement, but I got up the nerve to to play some stuff for friends, and the people started saying 'You gotta do a record, you gotta let me play this stuff for some people.'"

His debut album The Natural World comes out on Astralwerks Records on September 19th. It features 13 tracks that present a world of jazz, soul, beats and sounds.

That song you're hearing right now is called Party Time People, off of the album The Natural World. It's playing in the Galaxy Media Player above and to the right if you need to use the controls.

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Prophet Omega: The Natural World Track List
01 The Right Thing
02 Party Time People
03 Hit The Deck
04 Downpour
05 Dear Satellite
06 Sour Control
07 Watchin TV Ova Here
08 Get By
09 Perfect Day
10 Criminal
11 Drinking Champagne Alone
12 The Natural World
13 Disarray

  Research Staff
Spacelab Research Staff

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