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Galaxy Media Player

Galaxy Media Player Relaunch


By: Spacelab Research Staff
It's back! The Spacelab media Player, Galaxy, is back after spending this summer on the launch pad. The Spacelab Research Staff have been working hard on improving the quality of Galaxy as a broadband media player, with lots of great new stuff for you to experience. It's been improved to allow for a lot more to be added a lot more easily... which means you get to watch and listen and experience a lot of new media.

Right now, you can experience great music and video on demand -- A lot of the music that's featured on Spacelab is there for you to experience. You can go the the main Galaxy page, which is the all-in-one player, and check out stuff at large. As you browse around the site, you'll also notice the Galaxy Media Player embedded into pages like reviews, news, and the CHECK THIS column, for you to listen to music and watch videos by some of the artists you're reading about.

Everyday there will be a Galaxy feature item of the day, which will play automatically when you hit the player. You'll also be able to click on media on-demand and listen to what you want.

There's more to come, too. Throughout the Fall you'll find all of the new Spacelab feature stories in the Galaxy Media Player, so you can experience interviews, slideshows, videos, and music in the same place. Spacelab Radio will be there too, so you can listen to one continuous stream of music without having to make individual selections.

Galaxy: Listen. Watch. Right Now.


 Galaxy Media Player: Watch videos and listen to music

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Spacelab Research Staff

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