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Crippled Black Phoenix

Mogwai, Portishead Members In On Crippled Black Phoenix


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Mogwai bassist Dominic Aitchison has wrapped up a project with members of Pantheist, 3D House of Beef, and Gonga to form a dark hybrid called Crippled Black Phoenix.

The music is grandiose, dark, tragic, macabre. Better bring some Prozac.

They recruited Portishead guy Geoff Barrow to record the album it his studio, State of the Art, in Bristol. The album will also be released on Barrow's label, Invada Records, before the end of 2007. "I've been waiting for someone to make a record like this for a long time," said Barrow when talking about the band.

The album is titled A Love of Shared Disasters. It's the first of a proposed trilogy of works, and it's described by the band as "Endtime Ballads." The band took a little bit of literary history, a little bit of loss and sorrow, and some old Victorian instruments and combined them with modern amplification techniques to produce a sound that's both archaic and modern at the same time.


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Crippled Black Phoenix: A Love of Shared Disasters:
01 The Lament of the Nithered Mercinary
02 When You're Gone
03 Really, How'd It Get This Way?
04 The Whistler
05 Suppose I Told the Truth (Why I Went Away)
06 Long Cold Summer
07 Goodnight, Europe
08 You Take the Devil out of Me
09 The Northern Cobbler
10 ............
11 I'm Almost Home
12 Sharks & Storms / Blizzard of Homed Cats

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