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Squarepusher Pushes The Details On Hello Everything Release


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Warp Records has announced the details behind the new Squarepusher album they're pushing. It will be available globally on October 16th, on both CD and LP; but there's more to offer, and this can get confusing, because there's also a bonus mini CD and a 12" vinyl thing. You can buy these all in various combinations.

Both the CD and vinyl formats of Hello Everything can include the 3" Bonus CD Vacuum Tracks... there's also a 12" vinyl piece called Welcome To Europe, which will include the tracks Welcome To Europe, Hanningfield Window and Exciton. The tracks on the 12" were only available previously as digital downloads, so Warp has seen fit to release them in a pure, unadulterated, "too hot for digital" analogue format.

In advance of the album release, the non-album track Hanningfield Window is available for purchase through Bleep and iTunes. You can also stream the track through a quick stop to the Warp Records site, as they're playing it through their media player. So much Squarepusher!

So far, the album seems like a hyper-schizo workout akin to what we've heard from Squarepusher before. Not just a bland remake, mind you, but pure Squarepusher experimental goodness.

This is the first new offering from Squarepusher since 2004's Ultravisitor, and follows a relatively quiet 2005 from main contributor Tom Jenkinson. No tour news is available at this point, other than a one-off show in London on October 26 at the Electric Ballroom, as part of the BBC's John Peel Night. This looks to be the only Squarepusher gig for this year, so get global and buy an airplane ticket now!


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Squarepusher: Hello Everything Track List:
01 Hello Meow
02 Theme From Sprite
03 Bubble Life
04 Planetarium
05 Vacuum Garden
06 Circlewave 2
07 Cronecker King
08 Rotate Electrolyte
09 Welcome to Europe
10 Plotinus
11 The Modern Bass Guitar
12 Orient Orange

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