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Rhapsody DNA

REAL Enters the MP3 Game As A Rogue Player


By: Spacelab Research Staff
After strangely sitting on the sidelines of the MP3 player game for years, Real Networks has finally decided that now is the time to enter the game. They've 'partnered' with SanDisk, makers of the Sansa portable player, to use the Rhapsody DNA platform. It will build on the Rhapsody music service that few people have been taking part in, and will create something similiar to the iPod - iTunes experience. And what does the player look like? The Ipod, of course!

Rhapsody DNA is a digital rights management platform, which means it takes care of making sure bought music works within the scope of the agreement it was bought under. What perhapes makes Rhapsody DNA interesting is that it also works on MP3 players that use the Windows PlaysForSure format, which means any player that played Windows Media before the upcoming Zune player.

This all means that you can take any songs bought off of Real's Rhapsody music service and put them on any player that supports Rhapsody DNA. So Real is in the game, albeit slightly, but there just one more rogue element to compete with Apple and now Microsoft.


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