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Icy Demons

Icy Demons Announce Details For Release Of Tears of A Clone


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Icy Demons, the Philly-Chicago based project, has announced the details behind their upcoming release titled Tears of A Clone. They'll be releasing it on Guillermo Scott Herren's (Prefuse 73) label Eastern Developments on October 31st. I'm thinking that there might be demon-Halloween connection here, but that might just be my Halloween paranoia talking.

The nucleus is based around Griffin Rodriquez and Chris Powell. Griffin plays the bass (and lots of other instruments) and Chris Powell plays the drums. Griffin is also in the Elephant 6 collective band Bablicon, while Chris is in Man Man and Need New Body. But most importantly, Griffin lives in Chicago and Chris lives in Philadelphia. Geography.

So while these guys are busy doing their thing with their other bands, the also manage to throw down a bunch of music under the name Icy Demons. It's a hedonistically experimental kind of thing, electronic-based and free to combine styles like jazz, 70's kraut, and pop.


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Icy Demons: Tears of A Clone Track List :
01 Jump Off
02 Mr. Squeezy
03 This Is It!
04 Bunny’s
05 Golden Coin
06 Trial By Lasers
07 Vibes, Sweat, What’s That?
08 The Only
09 As It Comes
10 The Flea Garden

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