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Daedelus Starts European Tour, Gets Denied At UK Border


By: Spacelab Research Staff
L.A. sonic experimentalist Daedelus recently set out on a small tour of dates in support of his upcoming release of EP Throw A Fit on Alpha Pup Records. It all started out great for two U.S. dates in Chicago and Los Angeles, and then he went Europe. That's where things got hairy.

It seems that he was denied entry to the U.K. at the border. Does that leave him standing in the Atlantic Ocean? How do you get denied entry into to an island with out actually being on the island already?

In a message on his MySpace page, he said "All UK Dates have been CANCELLED from the sad business of being rejected at the UK Border. Working on the situation in Europe. So VERY sorry for this!!!"

Throw A Fit was released digitally online on September 26th, and will see the light of retail stores on October 10. It was produced and arranged by Daedelus, mixed by Daddy Kev and Daedelus at the Echo Chamber. Artwork by Kozyndan (that's the dynamic duo of Los Angeles-based by way of Santa Monica Mr. Dan and Ms. Kozy).

"I like to think of the medium, and I wanted this EP to fit in your mono computer speaker or ridiculous dub sound system. Each song should have its own feeling, taken in singles, or together something else slightly grander," says Daedelus when describing the experience of the album.

You can listen to a free stream of the entire album at his MySpace page right now, completely free, in full fidelity, right now... why are you still reading this? Go listen!

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Daedelus : Tour Dates
09-29 London, England - Clerkenwell House
09-30 Nottingham, England - Social
10-03 Sheffield, England - Tuesday Club
10-04 Guildford, England - Boileroom
10-05 Lyon, France - La Marquise
10-06 Paris, France - Chapelle Saint-Sauveur
10-07 Bordeaux, France - Son'art
10-11 Katowice, Poland - Elektro Club
10-12 Athens, Greece - Bios
10-13 Vienna, Austria - Fluc
10-18 Phoenix, AZ - Modified Arts
10-23 Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
10-24 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle


Daedelus : Throw A Fit Track List
01 Admit Defeat
02 It's Madness
03 Remix of Nothing
04 Unadventurer (ft. Subtitle)
05 Humdrum Headspin
06 A Complicated Geometry

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