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Joseph K

CHECK THIS: Josef K + Stream


By: Spacelab Research Staff
What happens when you combine a lethal cocktail of Kafka, the Velvet Underground, and early Buzzcocks-era sounds? Josef K, of course. They were mod punks from Scotland in the eighties, and now thanks to Domino Records, their music is being rereleased as part of their The Sound of Young Scotland series which also includes albums from Orange Juice and The Fire Engines.

Entomology is a collection of songs that that sounds like a time capsule of the U.K. in the eighties... post punk, challenging, dark and gothic but hopeful at the same time.

That song you're hearing right now is called Heads Watch, off of their upcoming album rerelrease Entomology. It's playing in the Galaxy Media Player above and to the right if you need to use the controls.

Entomolgy comes out on Domino Records in November.


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