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StreamCast Wanted To Get Sued


By: Spacelab Research Staff
In what might go down as famous, but dumb last words, it has come to light that P2P network company StreamCast actually opted for a 'let's get sued' strategy in dealing with the entertainment industry. StreamCast made the popular Morpheus P2P program that allowed users to trade files such as MP3's and video files, regardless of copyright.

Judge Stephen V. Wilson of the US District Court in Los Angeles federal ruled that Streamcast Networks did really encourage users to trade copyrighted materials, then attempt to make money from the P2P service. They cited the now famous MGM v. Grokster case from the U.S. Supreme Court, issued earlier this year. They used words like "massive infringement."

What was probably most interesting was some of the evidence that was released as a PDF in the courts judgement. It included an email from January 11th, 2002, in which a StreamCast executive was quoted as saying that part of the PR strategy was "to get in trouble with the law and get sued. It's the best way to get in the news."

It's hard to believe that people are still dumb enough to send this kind of language through something as easily tracked and recorded as email, but this is proof positive. What's more alarming is that this actually seemed like a good strategy to the people at StreamCast, because the power of the big music and big movie industry has overwhelming might and money, and could easily outspend StreamCast for lawyers .

And now they're paying a price. KaZaA and Grokster worked out their own agreements with the two industries to settle their legal disputes, but StreamCast continued to fight the good fight... and lose the good fight with a bad idea.

Hey StreamCast... you're in the news now! How does that work for you? FREE publicity!


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