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Swearing At Motorists

Swearing At Motorists Release Free Album Recorded in German Subway


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Swearing At Motorists frontman David Doughman is releasing a new album of material completely for free. It's a collection of tracks he recorded in Germany in the Berlin subway. David was mixing the tracks for Last Night Becomes This Morning, and was started to get bored with the routine, so for kicks he went down to the Berlin subway with a guitar and the notion of playing for the passers by.

Although the people offered a little money, David quickly became energized by the sound the music was making in the subway tunnel with the reverberation. So he started recording the sessions... but the trains and the people started getting in the way of the recording. So he decided to turn his back on the crowd to discourage them from stopping. People still stopped. Then the big idea hit him.

"I was obsessed with replacing the studio versions of 3 songs on the album, with versions recorded in the Ubahnhof, as I felt they better fit into my concept of the record as a film soundtrack. One night I finally got the courage to wait until the station closed, then climbed over the entrance gate and hurried down into the tube. I got about an hour of uninterrupted recording in before the Polizei politely informed me I had to leave."

But he eventually ended up with 13 songs recorded live in the Weinmeisterstrasse Ubahnhof, the subway station he had originally been playing at. The album is called Exile On Gipsstrasse. The songs have a natural, warm echo to them as he strums his guitar -- sometimes you can hear the ambience of people walking by and talking. It features a lot of the tracks from Last Night Becomes This Morning in a stripped down format, and now it's available for free at the Secretly Canadian web site as an MP3 album.


 MP3: Swearing At Motorists: Exile On Gipsstrasse

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