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Kill Rock Stars

It's true… Slim Moon is leaving Kill Rock Stars


By: Spacelab Research Staff
It appears by now that the news is true, Slim Moon of Kill Rock Stars is departing the label he started to take on an A&R role with Warner Music's Nonesuch Records imprint, home to bands like The Black Keys, The Magnetic Fields, and Wilco.

This will bring some changes to Kill Rock Stars, including letting some staff go and moving the label from it's longtime home of Olympia, Washington to New York. Slim's wife Portia Sabin will take over as the head of the label.

Slim Moon recently spoke to Pitchfork in an interview and revealed that after helping Nonesuch Senior Vice President David Bither find someone to work with a new Nonesuch A&R department. After thinking about it for a while, Slim thought that he might want to take on the job himself.

He'd been considering taking a new path in life, a sort of "reinvention," as he calls it, to take on a new challenge.

He told Pitchfork, "...and then a while more went by, and I was [reading] Performing Songwriter magazine, [and in] one issue I was reading about how the woman editor herself struggles with being a songwriter, and she took time off, and then she reinvented herself. I mean it wasn't really my story, but the point of it was how powerful it can be to reinvent yourself periodically throughout your life, to challenge yourself and do something new, and it just came to me, like, I'm not stuck. I don't have to do the same thing the same way forever. If I think this is a great job, and I love Nonesuch and the way they do business and the people I've met there, then why shouldn't I apply for that job?"

Not that things are all bad. He went on to say "I haven't been unhappy or anything, I just really want to push myself to do a whole new frontier."

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