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Gorillaz To Release A Series Of Multimedia Freak Outs


By: Spacelab Research Staff
They know how to get their media on, you have to give them that. Gorillaz will be literally oozing with media releases for the rest of the year, including a Slowboat To Hades DVD, iTunes EP's and more.

Most importantly, there's the Slowboat to Hades DVD. It will feature a 3D menu that will be a model of their own Kong Studios. Using that, you'll be able to navigate through video of live gigs like last year's live gigs, MTV appearances, music videos, video ads, and a lot more (see track list). There's also animated pieces and acceptance speeches. It'll be packaged with a bonus CD ROM with games from gorillaz.com, and a bunch of other digital goods. Released on October 31st.

There's also a series of four EP's that will be available only through iTunes, with release dates that start on October 24th and end on December 26th. Hmmm... December 26th - strangely timed to coincide with the end of the holiday gift giving season, so everyone can spend their new iTunes gift cards. Somebody's got a marketing department. There's also unseen video footage and PDF books with Gorillaz art. And more digital goods.

There's also an autobiography with their (not so) long history out on Penguin Books and a bunch of doll figures of the band due out before the end of the year. Whatever. But you can get your hands on the music before the end of October and watch for continual releases throughout the rest of the year.

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Gorillaz: Slowboat to Hades DVD Track List:
01 Feel Good Inc. Video
02 Dare Video
03 Dirty Harry Video
04 El Mañana Video
05 Feel Good Inc. animatic
06 Dare animatic
07 Dirty Harry animatic
08 El Mañana animatic
09 The Swagga
10 Bill Murray
11 Spitting out the Demons
12 Kids with Guns
13 People
14 Samba at 13
15 Murdoc is God
16 Demon Days album ad
17 Demon Days Live DVD ad
18 Demon Days Live Manchester mash up
19 Dare Ringtone ad
20 GES mobile games trailer
21 Celebrity Takedown DVD trailer
22 MTV Europe Music Awards performance
23 Feel up Live performance
24 Brit Awards 2006 performance
25.El Mañana Live in Harlem
26 Brit Awards rehearsals
27 Gorillaz Live in Harlem sting
28 Hip hop machine ident
29 Mexican Jailer ident
30 Fairground ident
31 Capsule Hotel ident
32 On the Island g bite
33 The lost g bite
34 Noodle VMA acceptance speech
35 Murdoc Alternative Queen's speech
36 Murdoc Record Company Thank You
37 Noodle Dare Interview
38 MTV Cribs
39 Monk's montage
40 Polar bear gags

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