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This Time Around, The White Stripes Will Be Orchestrized


By: Spacelab Research Staff
In the tradition of symphonic Pink Floyd, but perhaps a bit more imaginative, we have new type of release of the White Stripes' music. Enter Aluminium, an orchestral take on the music of the White Stripes. It features composer Joby Talbot and "many of the UK's finest young classical musicians," only we don't know who they are. But they're the finest. And in the British spirit of pronunciation, they named the album Aluminium. But they kept the song as its original spelling of Aluminum. It's complicated like that.

They recorded the music last fall and winter at Intimate Studios in London, and will be releasing the music in highly interesting quantities, like 3,333 CDs and 999 copies on vinyl, but not one more than that! Downloaded copies are unlimited. Go figure. The song Aluminum is a lot like watching the movie Vertigo with an orchestral film score that's a White Stripes song. Some of the other songs are more elegant and smooth.

There's also 10 pieces of art created by Rob Jones that will be included in the CD and LP. Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) is remixing one of the songs.

Richard Russell of XL Recordings originally came up with the idea and had three songs recorded, and brought them to Jack and Meg before a gig at Cincinnati Music Hall to see what they thought of the idea. This is his take on the situation as he sprung the songs on them before they went onstage "...I’m playing our first 3 recordings to Jack and Meg. They’re just about to go on stage, but I'm the one who's frightened. They knew nothing about what we were doing. I didn’t want to try and explain the idea, I just wanted to play them the music. So we had to make some. If necessary I wanted to ask forgiveness, not permission. When Jack hears Aluminum, he jumps up and starts shouting. Meg is quiet and demure, as ever, but then I realize that she’s saying, softly, “this is amazing”."

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Aluminium Track List:
01 Aluminum
02 I'm Bound To Pack It Up
03 Why Can't You Be Nicer To Me?
04 Astro
05 Never Far Away
06 Little Bird
07 Let's Build A Home
08 Who's A Big Baby?
09 The Hardest Button To Button
10 Forever For Her (Is Over For Me)