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Sony Walman

Nirvana's Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! Goes From VHS TO DVD


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Now you too can watch Kurt Cobain break guitar strings live! from the midst of historical Nevermind tour that went live! from 1992 through 1994. The DVD will feature live! footage of the band as they went on tour and redefined the way the mainstream thought of popular music, and of course the live! experience. It will be called Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!, and is being offered for the first time in DVD format starting in November.

This was of course a time in which the mainstream world was suffering from the ill effects of Wham! (use of exclamation point purely coincidental) and Michael Jackson, and Nirvana came out of (seemingly) nowhere to be everywhere. This was before things spread like wildfire on the Internets. Nirvana even replaced Michael Jackson's Dangerous at the number one spot on the charts. That was earth moving in 1992.

And now it's going from its current format of VHS to DVD, to be preserved forever in the digital goodness of ones and zeroes. It's been color corrected, because in 1994 TV's were still practically in black and white. It's also been "expanded from its original 83 minutes to include several previously unreleased performances." The press release used italics to emphasize how cool it's going to be with the new footage. The new stuff comes from the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam; it includes the following songs: School, About A Girl, Been A Son, On A Plain and Blew.

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