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Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams Launches Cardinals Radio On His Web Site


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Ladies and gentlemen, we are watching a work in progress. Ryan Adams has launched on media player for his website, www.ryan-adams.comRyanAdams.html, called Cardinals Radio. You can stream the tracks from all of his albums, from Heartbreaker to 29.

More importantly, there's new material, called You Are The Audience, with fast hard-edged punk, country, and drum machine hip-hop. There's 36 tracks on the playlist You Are The Audience, and it's even got Chuck Norris sound bites! And the Rooster makes noise all over the tracks, just like the cowbell, the whistle, and all sorts of copy and paste sounds. It's all over the place, completely experimental. The player itself is a little goofy, sometimes showing cues like [object Object] and undefined. A work in progress indeed.

It's uncertain at this point whether this all great fun or legitimate Ryan Adams music. Given the way it's all playing out, it seems that Ryan Adams might be having some fun with people... you have to wonder - who's the real audience here? The people listening and ranting and raving, or Ryan Adams, who's probably watching the series of online freak outs as all of the haters go on hating. Ryan Adams might be laughing at you.

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