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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Are Back In Black


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have announced plans to release their new album in the Spring of 2007... I can't believe it's almost 2007 already. The word on the new album is that it will combine the guitar-driven sounds of Take Them On Your Own with the country-twinged Howl. It's going to be comprehensive BRMC!

The album is reported to include tracks like All You Do Is Talk, The Show, Berlin, Cold Wind, Weapon Of Choice, and 666 Conducer.

After the departure of drummer Nick Jago, the band set out to record Howl. Although Nick ended up rejoining the band before the end of those sessions, the two songs that he was fully involved in stayed off of Howl, and will be part of the new album.

"When he came in for the last record, there were two songs we did with him that we left off. We knew they'd be for this one. We used those two songs as a starting point for what this album was going to sound like, and we stuck to it, for the most part," Peter Hayes said in a recent interview with Billboard.

The album has no title at this point, but is almost done. It will be released on RCA.


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