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Pixies To Release First New Album In 15 Years


By: Spacelab Research Staff
The Pixies are coming! The Pixies are coming! Although they won't be launching a redcoat-style invasion, they will be releasing one of the most anticipated albums of the decade in 2007. It seems the band has grown tired of only playing long tours of endless shows, and are looking for a fresh challenge. Their first new work since 1991's Trompe Le Monde will be just that sort of challenge (no pressure though guys).

The band is still in the beginning of the whole album, thinking about what to do more than actually doing it.

"We're rehearsing in January, if we can persuade Kim (Deal, bassist) to come out of her house," Frank Black said when speaking to NME. "We offered to go to her but we figured if we book the rehearsals she'll show up.

So if Kim comes out of her house, and doesn't see her shadow, we get a new Pixies album. If she sees her shadow and runs back inside, we get 15 more years of no new Pixies!

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