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Daedelus : Throw A Fit  

Written by: Corey Tate

Sonic mastery, global overtones, surreal otherworld of musical happening. And that's just the first track. On the new Daedelus EP, Throw A Fit, Los Angeles-based Daedelus throws together a range of samples and sonic impressions. In listening, I find that we are in the presence of an emerging master of craft and structure and style.

Designed to sound great whether it comes from a "mono computer speaker" or "ridiculous dub sound system," this album is hi-fi and lo-fi at the same time, acheiving the range of fidelity it set out to find. It combines elements of trip-hop, dub, electronic experimentation, motown, and some freaky hybrid of global hip-hop electronica.

We get old Motownish samples alongside the warm hum of electronic beats on opening track Admit Defeat. Second track It's Madness has hyper-frenetic horn blasts and crazy melodies. When it's over, the segueway to the next song is a britsh announcer/reporter, saying over the top of the inbetween song music and street crowd noises "there you go, track two over, it looks like they're going to go for track three..." very funny.

Which brings us to Remix of Nothing, an up in the clouds mashup of sounds and lyrics. Our announcer comes back in this song, saying "We've arrived, we've been told to turn off the music... I don't know if they'll have more or not." More street sounds.

Unadventurer is a short combination of chopped up hip hop lyrics with collaborating with labelmate Subtitle

EP closing intrumentals Humdrum Headspin and A Complicated Geometry close the album with a thoughtful contemplation of surreality.

Humdrum Headspin is an instrumental of piano and electric keyboard. With 60's style horns and is a dream-like soundtrack. A Complicated Geometry is like the hauting score to some 1940's black and white movie about life.

Overall this a great combination of tracks to sprinkle your iPod playlists with. Each one is a musical interlude that can break up the monotony of a playlist and hold your attention for everyminute it's being played.


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