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Oxford Collapse

Oxford Collapse: Remember The Night Parties  

Written by: Jason Miller

Remember The Noid™?  Yes, that Noid.  The red guy who always made those other Pizza guys late with your pizza.  Well, on the cover of the new album by Oxford Collapse, there is a picture of a guy in swim trunks drop kicking a lifesize inflatable one as he propels himself into a suburban backyard pool.  There’s a certain dorky nostalgia about the whole thing that screams INDIE ROCK CHIC!  In fact, it’s so indie-rock it’s indie-rock to the indie-rock power.  So is this album.

Watch the Oxford Collapse video for Please Visit Your National Parks, off the album Remember The Night Parties, by clicking the play button in the Galaxy Media Player above and to the right.

Remember the Night Parties is steeped in the history of the genre while desperately trying to make their own footprints in the road.  Lucky for us they continue to succeed.  Most likely this album will call to mind the early exciting albums by the big names of the genre over the past three decades.  From Mission of Burma to Modest Mouse, Pixies to Pavement, a little Wire, Yo La Tengo, and a touch of Texas Is The Reason.  If you had to create a soundtrack for a documentary on the last thirty years of college radio and couldn’t use the actual music you could use this album.  There’s a timeless quality that plays on the nostalgia factor.  It could have come out ten or fifteen years ago and been a smash, and it still sounds fresh enough to excite today.

Fast, ferocious, fuck-it-all fun, this new offering by the Brooklyn power trio takes the sound first discovered on 2005’s A Good Ground and hones it into one of those albums you can listen to all day everyday.  They work with an intriguing mix of repetition and layering creating songs with depth as well as accessibility.  Simple catchy repeating riffs tossed on top of each other with frantic drumming, and alternately strong and skittish basslines.  Mature texture complimenting young energy in the same way as early Fugazi, Ted Leo, and The Living Blue.

Their lyrics are the best kind, abstract yet oozing with meaning in an R.E.M sort of way; great on the surface and even better if you can figure it all out.  Like a drunk tiptoeing the straight line between jibberish and profundity.  Plus, everyone gets to sing, including you. Please Visit Your National Parks is a joyous mess of a singalong over penetrating competing riffs and repeating lyrics that will be instantly lodged in your head.  If you’re not sold by then stick around for the punky anthem Loser City with its sweetly unexpected instrumental interlude preceding a bursting reprise like ending and check out Return/of Burno, Lady Lawyers, and Kenny Can’t Afford It for the choicest cuts. The first great album of a brand new genre – Post-Indie.


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