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Bloc Party

Stop The Party: Bloc Party Cancel North American Tour


By: Spacelab Research Staff
After first going to the hospital on November 9th over a what turned out to be a collapsed lung, Bloc Party drummer Matt Tong has decided that his lung and recovery might be more important than the rest of the North American tour dates.

Bloc Party said "Doctors have advised that he not travel or play again for another few weeks in order to give his lung time to properly heal," which is probably smart, considering the way Bloc Party likes to tour.

The band initially cancelled their next four shows to wait and see what happened, but now they've cancelled the whole North American tour that would go through December. They're taking the longview... if they want to go out on tour for ten months out of the year, Matt has to take, ummm, a breather, and chill on the drumming so that his lung can heal. Makes sense. They were touring with Panic! At The Disco.

"We would like to apologise to all of our fans here who won't be able to see us on this tour. We were looking forward to playing in a number of American cities that we've never been to before, however, Matt's health is our number one priority right now," said singer Kele Okereke.

So that means that the Bloc Party party in the US will have to wait until next year. The new Bloc Party album is due out in 2007 and it will be called A Weekend In The City. It will be released on February 5th in Europe (via Witchita Recordings) and February 6th in the US (on Vice Records).

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