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Explosions In The Sky

Explosions In The Sky Get Transcendental On New Album + MP3


By: Spacelab Research Staff
The band that makes soundtracks for your life, Explosions In The Sky, have laid out in full a new album of music. They've even gotten pre-emptive on the whole remix album thing and just packaged that up with the album too. Who knew the Bush policy of pre-emption could lead to such good things?

The new album is called All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone, and will be released on Temporary Residence Ltd. on February 19th/20th. The album was recorded at Minnesota's Pachyderm Studios by John Congleton (The Mountain Goats, The Roots) and brings six songs of Explosions In The Sky goodness that clock in at 44 minutes. With songs that range from three and a half minutes to thirteen and a half minutes, it promises to be well stacked with music to fill in iPod playlists. The music is like Mono joined with Kinski joined with Sigur Ros.

And when you get sick of those songs, you can listen to the remix album (yo), with appearances by Four Tet, Jesu, Adem, The Paper Chase, Mountains and Eluvium. It will be available on a limited basis, so buy early, buy often.

There's also tour dates in the works... but their still working on it.

 MP3: Explosions In The Sky

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All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone Tracklist:
01 The Birth and Death of the Day
02 Welcome, Ghosts
03 It’s Natural To Be Afraid
04 What Do You Go Home To?
05 Catastrophe and the Cure
06 So Long, Lonesome

Ltd. Edition Bonus Album Tracklist:
01 The Birth and Death of the Day [Jesu Mix]
02 Welcome, Ghosts [Adem Mix]
03 It’s Natural To Be Afraid [The Paper Chase Mix]
04 What Do You Go Home To? [Mountains Mix]
05 Catastrophe and the Cure [Four Tet Mix]
06 So Long, Lonesome [Eluvium Mix]


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