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Jason Pierce

Yoko Ono Will Release Album With Big Guest Names In 2007


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Who knew? Who knew that 1) Yoko Ono thought she was a witch, and 2) that she knew so many cool bands? Yoko Ono is throwing down a new album titled, Yes, I'm a Witch in February of 2007 and she's got like, almost a million cool guest appearances on the album. OK, maybe that number is a little bit exxagerated, but there is a lot of people. Check this out:

Jason Pierce of Spiritualized, DJ Spooky, Peaches, Cat Power, The Flaming Lips, and Hank Shocklee, one of the main minds of the Bomb Squad. The Bomb Squad is famous for creating all of those incredible sonic backdrops for Public Enemy in the 90's with all of the police sirens and urban sounds layered into the music.

Everybody involved got to pick a Yoko track from her back catalogue, and then were given the audio and vocal tracks to use in their own way. In what turns out be amazing irony, almost everyone threw away the music, kept the vocals, and made their own musical backdrops. The album "Yes, I'm A Witch" was born.

"To be able to play with a track as uncompromising and confrontational as John and Yoko's 'Cambridge 1969' is, for any curious artist, a rare treat. We took Yoko's primal screams and John's moaning feedback and turned them into a kind of Ornette Coleman-esque melody...I fear we may have de-fanged rocks' most disturbing performance-art-jam," said Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne in an interview with NME.

Yoko Ono's Yes, I'm A Witch will be released on Astralwerks in February of 2007.

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