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Robert Pollard

Robert Pollard Will Literally Explode New Material In 2007 + MP3


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Forget Normal Happiness, how about unatural proliferation? At the age of 49, Robert Pollard is showing no signs of slowing down with the casual mention that he intends to drop no less than 7 releases next year. He seems to have no worries that many industry-types think he's releasing way too much material.

"I don't blame labels who tell me, you've gotta quit doing so much sh*t," Pollard says. "But this is not even my main stuff, you know? That's side stuff. That's the way I operate and that's the way I will continue to operate. They couldn't stop me. And here I am 49 years old, unsuccessful," he said when speaking to Billboard.

I guess success is one of those subjective terms. By most people's descriptions, his music has been wildly successful, even if Pollard isn't buying big houses all over the country. He spent years cranking out music in Guided By Voices, providing a steady influence to untold legions of people. And now that GBV has folded, he soldiers on with more and more stuff.

Before any gushing starts, let's hit some facts:

- He'll release a full length album on Merge next year, titled Silverfish Trivia

- He's got demos in the can for another Merge release to follow Silverfish Trivia

- A new project titled Takeovers with GBV Chris bassist Slusarenko

- He'll do a Fading Captain release as a retrospective, titled Crickets, with 50 tracks

- Robert Pollard and Todd Tobias are working to release a double disc set under the name Circus Devils

- A spoken word album of onstage babble titled "Meet the King: A**hole 2" (vinyl only)

- Old material from before GBV titled The Great Houdini Wasn't So Great


So there's maybe two proper new albums, and then a bunch of back catalogue material. This will be your Robert Pollard experience for 2007, as he's given up touring for now.

"This is not to say I'll never play another show again, but this touring thing is too much. It's too hard to psychologically re-energize yourself each night."

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