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The Earlies

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
The Earlies could have been on the soundtrack to the Wiz. Remember that movie? The urban, more modern counterpoint to the Wizard of Oz... the Earlies have the funkiness mixed with a good capability for melody and song structure. They've also wandered into that otherworldly quality of dark and light that can be explosive when done right. The Earlies seem to be doing it right. They've also eased on down the road of production, putting even more into the mix of this album than their debut album These Were The Earlies.

You're listening to the song No Love In Your Heart off the album The Enemy Chorus. Use the Galaxy Media Player above and to the right to control the playback.

Dedicated experimentalists make up this band, and it comes out even more in a live show than it does on the album. Lots of manic keyboard blips live side by side with indie rock guitar stylings. Package that with a minor nod toward indie pop and you start to describe where The Earlies come from. They also come from both Manchester, England and Texas.

The Enemy Chorus comes out on Secretly Canadian on January 23rd.

The track No Love In Your Heart is also in the current rotation on Spacelab Radio.


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