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The One AM Radio

SIGNED: Dangerbird Records Signs The One AM Radio + MP3


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Hrishikesh Hirway, the one-man phenom know as The One AM Radio, has signed with LA-based indie label Dangerbird Records, home to bands like Darker My Love and Silversun Pickups.

The music is decidedly slow and focused, making you stop and actively listen to what's going on. You're rewarded with repeated listens as songs grow in front of your ears. And to completely fair, the line-up gets rounded out with Hank May, Patrick Taylor, and Badgie Miller in a live setting.

Hrishikesh has also been making the rounds on other people's albums lately, working with Caural on the song Cold Hands, off of the album Mirrors For Eyes on Mush Records. He also does guest vocals on the the new Alias album.

This Too Will Pass to be released on February 20th on Dangerbird Records.

The One AM Radio is also in the current rotation on Spacelab Radio.

 MP3: The One AM Radio


The One AM Radio: This Too Will Pass Track List:
01 The Harvest
02 In The Time We've Got
03 Lest I Forget
04 Mercury
05 Cast Away
06 Our Fall Apart
07 You Can Still Run
08 Fires
09 The Echoing Airports
10 Coming Back
11 Your Name
12 A Brittle Filament
13 Where I'm Headed

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